This vintage is a very nice wine of summertime evening.
Besides the freshness and the clearness of the aromatic expression, it’s mostly the mouth texture which seduce, thanks to the good balance of the flavors and « touch in mouth ».
It is actually a Champagne of pleasure to share with family and friends.

Made with 60% of Pinot Noir and 40% of Chardonnay.
100% 2016.
Bottled in May 2017.
Brut (5 g/l).



The yellow pale color shows a string of medium and slow bubbles, feeding a beautiful bead of foam, we call « cordon », on the surface. The presentation is refreshing.


The first olfactory feeling is clearly marked by pure pear and citrus fruits aromas. Slowly, ventilation reveals fresh almonds notes, bread dough, very slightly nuanced by mint and anise. The expression is summer and shows a good balance between fruity aromas and cellar ageing aromas.


The attack is really attractive, sweet and round. The middle mouth is full, perfectly well-balanced, solid and dosed enough to arouse a tactile sensation very creamy. The melted bubbles and the delicate acidity of this cuvee underline this feeling. The tactile expression emerged is particularly tasty.
The finish is long (about 6-7 seconds lasting) and nicely acidulated. The aromas of white fruits mingle with the acid / sugar pair in happiness. This cuvee claim to be tasted in a beautiful thin and round flute of Champagne between 8 and 10°C of temperature.
It can be served with smooth texture : quenelles, ravioles, Saint-Jacques ou Norway lobster carpaccio, « sole à la Dieppoise », chicken Supreme poached in a lemon ginger broth, fruity cheese Comté (6-10 months).